When the Universe sends you Messages

I'm a big believer in signs, messages and images, they are always present, always around us-all the time. But can you see them?


I used to go about my life focused mainly on my work in the fashion industry. I was passionate, strong, articulate and unrelenting in my pursuit of buying the best products and running the numbers for the biggest department store in the US. I never stopped to "smell the roses" or see that there's more to life than just work.

Then one day, it all came crashing down...lost my job and also my boyfriend...it spun me into despair. So I focused on getting myself healthier both inside and out, and discovered meditation. The art of sitting silent, no thoughts, just silence was illuminating. It's almost like the cloud lifted and I started to hear, see and feel energy all around me.

With my amethyst crystal held tight in my hand, it was like a direct communication from above. I started to see images of people (my spirit guides) hear encouraging words like a whisper and felt warm, light and at peace. And noticed all the beauty in our world everyday! It truly was transformative for my life.

That was 12 years ago, and ever since then, I have a daily mediation practice with my crystals in hand. I have gone through many ups and downs,  but always look for the signs and messages that present themselves to me. It's  my spirit guides and angels way to help encourage me to keep going, never give up and continue my pursuit of happiness. 

Since then, I met the man of my dreams (literally had images of him since I was a little girl) and we're happily married now. More on that story in a future blog...the connection we have is undoubtably strong, but there have been signs and symbols that have presented themselves to both of us over the course of our lives...that led us to meet each other and fall in love about 4 years ago.

Recently, I was eating some yummy tacos, chips and salsa with my husband, when I pulled out this tortilla chip shaped like a heart! I mean, that's a pretty obvious sign that was put there for ME to pull it! This symbolizes many things for me...Love for my husband, family, friends, strangers, animals...live life with loving thoughts, actions and words, and love WILL surround you! 

What signs and symbols do you see? What crystals do you use to help get deeper into your meditation and reach you Crown and Third eye chakras? Keep at your practice...and open your spirit, soul and eyes to signs, symbols and words that can help guide you. 

Peace, love and light to you all!


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