Hello and thank you for visiting Whyte Quartz. We are all trying to figure out this new normal during the pandemic. Hopefully you're here because crystals and crystal products might bring you some peace, serenity and calm during these troubling times. Please be assured, as a small business owner who is immuno-compromised, we are taking every precaution during this time with our shipping and handling of all goods. 

We are currently shipping to customers world wide. Taking precautions is of utmost importance to us for your health and safety. Below is a list of things we are doing to make sure everyone is safe: 

  • Wear gloves and masks when handling any product or shipping materials
  • Sanitizing office, inventory, and shipping stations several times throughout the day
  • Each carton or envelope used to ship goods has been sanitized twice-once before we stock it and then again once the items are all packed
    • We use a well-known brand disinfectant spray known to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria
  • We always energetically cleanse all of our inventory of crystals and crystal products by using selenite, sage, moonlight or sunlight.
    • But it is always recommended that you cleanse the product once you receive it  

I hope you are staying healthy and safe. Please give thanks and blessings to all those people who are on the front lines!! And our thoughts and prayers are with you and all those whom we've lost to Covid-19. We are all going to get through this!! 

Many thanks, healthy thoughts and intentions for all, 

Donna Johnson
President + Curator
Whyte Quartz