Learn about the different types of crystals, their healing properties, chakra association, birthstones, cleansing/charging and more.

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Agate: Activates heart and root chakras. Use for emotional balance and healing. Balance yin and yang energy, increase self-confidence, improve focus and concentration, overcome bitterness, and heal resentments. 

Agate, Blue Lace: Activates third eye and throat chakras. Promotes calm and truthful communication which aids in public speaking. Reduces deeply negative emotions. 

Agate, Moss: Activates heart chakra. Creates appreciation for nature. Attracts prosperity, encourages love of all kinds.

Amazonite: Activates the throat and heart chakras. Calms, soothes. Brings peace, relieves stress. Balances yin and yang energy. Promotes love.

Amethyst: February birthstone.  Activates the third eye and crown chakras. Very strong vibrations for higher self; connects to the spiritual realm. Balances intuition and insight. Helps you sleep (place it under your pillow.) and will also help control nightmares. This stone will enhance your psychic abilities. 

Amethyst, Pink: Activates 3rd eye, crown and heart chakras. This stone is a cross between the properties of Amethyst (very strong vibrations for higher self; connects to spiritual realm. Enhances psychic ability. Can help with insomnia) and Rose Quartz (the stone of universal love, helps you connect with others and strengthens all relationships. Promotes love, joy and heals emotions.) Pink Amethyst will help you open to love and guidance from your soul, higher powers and angels.

Ametrine: Activates third eye, solar plexus and crown chakras. A combination of Amethyst and Citrine, Ametrine's power blends both properties. Increases prosperity, improves self-esteem, creates strong connection with spiritual and intuition. 

Angelite:  Activates the throat, third eye and crown chakras. Promotes peace, serenity and a connection to one's higher vibrational beings. Awareness, integrity and compassion.

Aquamarine: March birthstone. Activates heart, throat and third eye chakras. Gives courage and lessens phobias, stress, fear and anxiety. Cleanses and strengthens aura. Protects against negative energy.

Aventurine, Green: Activates the heart chakra. Increases love, prosperity and abundance. Promotes healing and new friendships.

Azurite: Activates third eye and throat chakras. Opens up third eye which promotes communication with your higher self, angels. Gives intuition, enhances communication and integrity.

Bloodstone: March birthstone. Activates root and heart chakras. Grounding stone supports personal power, courage, strength of mind. 

Calcite, Blue: Activates third eye and throat chakras. Calms and soothes, relaxation, enhance intuition. Improve your memory, ability to focus and communication.

Calcite, Green: Activates the heart chakra. Grounding, centering. Promotes prosperity and abundance. Brings out intuitive and psychic abilities. 

Calcite, Orange: Activates sacral and solar plexus chakras. Brings spiritual and physical together. Creativity, self-esteem and positive energy are boosted. Increased sex drive and lots of good energy!

Calcite, Pink-Mangano: Activates the heart chakra. This stone amplifies reiki and other healing energies. Facilitates communication with angels and spirit guides. Opens the heart to love of all.

Calcite, Yellow: Activates solar plexus chakra. Promotes self-confidence, joy, self-worth, optimism.

Carnelian: Activates root and sacral chakras. Promotes security, safety, courage, energy, willpower, determination and vitality!

Celestite: Activates third eye and crown chakras. Communication with higher beings, increases intuition and insight. Spiritual development in achieving enlightenment. Promotes creativity, inner peace and uplifts energy.

Chalcendony, Blue: Activates third eye and throat chakras. Creates good dreams and restful sleep. Balances self, reduces negative emotions, increases intuition and improves communication.

Chrysocolla:  Activates throat chakra and is tied to communication. It may help you up your game with heightened business accumen, analytics and prosperity.

Citrine: November birthstone. Activates solar plexus chakra. Promotes prosperity, abundance, creativity, generosity and self-esteem. Turns negative energy to positive energy. 

Dalmation Jasper: Activates the sacral chakra. Balancesgrounds and centers you. Aids in stamina and absorbing negative energy to help keep your composure during intense situations.

Danburite: Activates heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras. Promotes love  and aura purification. Enhances communciation with higher self, spirit animals and angels. 

Diamond: April birthstone. Activates the crown chakra. Increases abundance, energy, connects to higher self. Promotes purification and heals aura.

Emerald: May birthstone. Activates heart chakra. Promotes success in love, faithfulness, unity. Increased positivity.

Flourite, Green: Activates heart chakra. Detox and cleanse your chakras. Heal from a heartbreak. Brings you energy and focus.

Flourite, Purple: Activates third eye and crown chakras. Increases intuition and psychic abilities by connecting with higher self. Sharpens mental abilities, focus and decision making.

Flourite, Rainbow: Activates solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras. This is a power crystal! Balances body, mind and spirit. Increases communication with higher self, spirit guides and angels. Intuition and spiritual awakenings will increase.

Fuchsite: Activates heart chakra. Increases self-worth, intuition and information from higher sources. Creates understanding in relationship difficulties. 

Garnet: January birthstone. Activates root, heart, solar plexus and sacral chakras. Important in chakra cleansing. Grounding stone that increases passion, love and good energy. Can amplify other crystals.

Hematite: Activates root chakra. Grounding stone that can absorb negative energy. Relieves stress, detoxify and creates balance.

Herkimer Diamond: Activates crown chakra. Amplifies energy of self and other crystals. A very high vibrational stone, connects with higher self, spirit guides and angels. Increases psychic abilities and enlightenment.

Howlite, White: Activates crown chakra. Use for insomnia and more restful sleep. Connected to higher consciousness. Calms and soothes.

Jade, Green: Activates all chakras. Good luck charm. This stone brings insight, guidance, peace and self-knowledge.

Jasper, Red: Activates root and sacral chakras. Promotes healing, understanding and creativity. Grounding stone that provides stability.

Kyanite, Blue: Activates third eye and throat chakras. Fairness, loyalty and the truth will all be promoted. Increases memory. Blocks self-destructive behavior.

Kyanite, Green: Activates heart and third eye chakras. Releases negative energy internally or within your space. This stone helps information to come in from higher sources, self. 

Labradorite: Activates third eye and crown chakras. Increases communication with angels and higher beings. Works well to balance the mind, protect against negative influences and to cleanse the aura. Tune into and enhance your psychic abilities and intuition. Protects against negative energies.  

Lapis Lazuli: Activates throat and third eye chakras. Gives the ability to speak your truth and connect with your spirit guides and angels. 

Lepidolite: Activates third eye and crown chakras. Connect with your angels and spirit guides. This stone helps to relieve stress, improve meditation and awaken insight. Helps you sleep as well as controls nightmares. 

Malachite: Activates heart chakra. Helps overcome phobias and depression. High energy stone promotes protection on a spiritual and energetic level. 

Moldavite: Activates heart, third eye, crown chakras. Helps ease financial worries. Enhances self-discovery and self-love. Live with honor and integrity.

Moonstone: June birthstone. Activates third eye crown chakras. High vibrational stone connected to the divine feminine and the moon. Use this stone to connect and communicate with your spirit guides and angels. Make a wish! Increases fulfillment of wishes. And it will increase intuition and psychic abilities. 

Muscovite: Activates third eye and crown chakras. Connects you to your higher self, spirit guides and angels. Use for guidance and insight for increased intuition.

Obsidian: Activates the root chakra. Excellent stone for grounding and absorbing negative energy around you and others. Gives you strength, energy and emotional protection. 

Obsidian, Snowflake: Activates the root chakra. Gives you a feeling of safety, security and will calm you down. Offers spiritual protection from negative influences and eliminates negative thought patterns.

Onyx: Activates root chakra. Grounding stone that centers you. Gives you stamina, spiritual protection and absorbs negative energies.

Onyx, Blue: Activates throat chakra. Enhances communication of true feelings more easily. Softens your response to others. May give ability to overcome issues with weakness & negative impulses.

Onyx, White: Activates crown, third eye and root chakras. Reduces stress, creates calm, mental organization & relaxation. Can bring spiritual protection. Connect to higher self, angels, spirit guides.  

Opal: October birthstone. Activates all chakras. Creativity, inspiration will be activated. Loving stone that helps you connect with your spirit guides and angels. 

Peacock Ore (bornite): Activates all chakras. Brings joy and light to your life, happiness. Removes negative energy and replace with positive, happy energy. Increases energy, adrenaline and good vibes. Use this stone to increase clarity and creativity.  

Peridot: August birthstone. Activates heart and solar plexus chakras. This stone promotes love, understanding and cleanses your energetic system. 

Pyrite: Activates solar plexus chakra. Also known as "Fool's Gold." Success in business, increases prosperity, good fortune, improves finances. Promotes willpower.

Quartz, Clear (white): Activates all chakras. Works as a cleansing and charging stone for other crystals and for spaces. Increases energy and works as a master healer. High vibrational stone to connect with higher self through crown chakra.

Quartz, Green: Activates the heart chakra. Promotes love and understanding. Turn creative ideas into profitability.

Quartz, Rose: Activates the root and heart chakra. This is the quintessential love stone. Pink and pretty, it will strengthen all relationships, promote love, joy and heal emotions. 

Quartz, Smokey: Activates root and crown chakras. Increases positive energies, absorbs negative energy and is grounding. Can help you let go of past hurts.

Rhodonite: Activates the heart and root chakra. This beautiful pink stone will bring more love, passion and vitality into your life. And it can also help you find what your passion is, and turn that into a money making idea. 

Ruby: July birthstone. Activates root and heart chakras. Increases vitality, passion and sex drive. Helps you to enjoy life and love.

Sapphire: September birthstone. Activates third eye chakra. Improves connection to oneself and higher beings, spirit guides and angels. 

Selenite: Activates the crown chakra. This is a high vibrational stone that will connect you to your higher self, spirit guides and angels. Also can be used to cleanse and charge other crystals (instead of under moon or sun light). Protects and inspires you. Helps ease pain in the body and headaches. Creates peaceful environment by removing blockages, creating energy flow.

Shungite:  Shungite is a rare natural stone (or possibly a meteorite) that is absorbs and neutralizes dangerous EMF (electro-magnetic field) frequencies that are emitted from computers, cell phones, tv's and generally all electronic machines plugged in. This stone, made up of 98% carbon and it is said to be effective due to it's small composition of fullerene molecules-which are pure carbon, hollow molecules. 

Sodalite: Activates throat, third eye chakra. Increases psychic abilities, intuition and good communication. 

Sunstone: Activates sacral and solar plexus chakras. This stone has positive energy! Gives you optimism and self-worth by changing negative thoughts to positive ones.

Super Seven: Activates all chakras. Very high vibrational crystal that awakens latent psychic abilities, connects to the higher self, spirit guides and angels. Gives energy and helps you define what you should do with your life.

Tanzanite: December birthstone. Activates third eye and crown chakras. Explore your psychic ability and connection to higher self with this stone. It can raise consciousness and calm and soothe you.

Tigers Eye, Yellow: Activates solar plexus chakra. Power stone that activates strength, resilience and insight. Increase self-confidence and self-esteem. Gives you courage to act.

Topaz: November birthstone. Activates throat and third eye chakras. This beautiful stone promotes forgiveness, truth and integrity. Increases joy and recharges energy. 

Tourmaline, Black: October birthstone. Activates the root chakra. Excellent stone to absorb negative energy and should be cleansed regularly for best use. Offers psychic and energetic protection as well as stress reduction.

Tourmaline, Green: October birthstone. Activates the heart chakra. Increases luck, prosperity as well as physical and emotional energy. 

Tourmaline, Pink: October birthstone. Activates the heart chakra. Promotes universal love, joy and positivity. 

Turquoise: December birthstone. Activates the throat and third eye chakras. This stone increases honest and truthful communication. Bridges physical and spiritual worlds. Strengthens and purifies energies.

Unakite: Activates the solar plexus and heart chakras. Helps with insomnia and can promote a restful night's sleep. Gives balance to emotions and can be used to give you the willpower to accomplish tasks.

Zebra Jasper (Zebra Quartz or Zebra Stone): Activates root chakra. Empowers you to make decisions, bringing opportunities and success. Assists in helping you take action vs thinking. Also helps to increase energy. A healing stone for sufferers of muscle spasms, bone, teeth and gum issues.