Halloween Blue Full Moon is almost here-clear the negative energy!

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You know that uneasy feeling you can get when you walk into someone's house (or your own home) office or a store? That is negative energy that lingers from people who are in and out of your office, store or home every day! It can be a spirit energy that is hanging around or sometimes, it can be dark energy. How do you get rid of that weird uneasy feeling? Smudging! For thousands of years, people have used crystals, sage and other tools or talismans to clear or ward off negative energies. Clearing-cleansing-smudging one's space today has become more mainstream than ever, thanks to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snap Chat and other social media channels. With some simple tools and tips you can get started in no time!

Our best selling product here at Whyte Quartz are our Palo Santo + Sage + Crystal Bundles for Smudging, Clearing, Cleansing Energy

Our amazing 3 in 1 tool helps clear the unwanted, negative energy around you while also giving you a crystal to hold or have as a talisman. It's really one of the simplest and most affective ways to cleanse any space!

We offer many different types of crystals for your bundle. Our best selling crystal bundles are Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Citrine, Selenite & Quartz. We also have them available in Lepidolite, White Howlite and Blue Kyanite. If you need a specific crystal not listed on our website, send us a quick email with what you're looking for at info@whytequartz.com and we'd be happy to try and accommodate your special order. We also offer these amazing bundles at wholesale prices for stores looking for a great quick POS item that will have customer coming back for more once. 

When your bundle arrives, it will be tied together with natural Jute twine. Untie the bundle and use each piece in the bundle separately! Warning: Burning sage and palo santo must not be left unattended. Please do not allow this product to burn without supervision. Extinguish the smoke completely once you have cleansed your space. You can reuse the smudge stick as many times as necessary to cleanse the space until it is all used. 

1. Sage: Light one end of the sage stick with a lighter and once it is lit, gently blow out the flame. Allow the smoke to cleanse your space, objects and crystals. Remove negative energy from your home of office by waving the smoke in all four corners of your room, home, office, etc. Extinguish completely before leaving unattended.

2. Palo Santo: Light one end of the wood with a lighter and blow out the flame, allow the smoke to cleanse your space, objects and crystals. Cleanse energy from your home of office, allow the smoke to reach all four corners of your room, home, office, etc. Extinguish completely before leaving unattended.

3. Crystal: Once you light either the palo santo or sage, you can use the smoke to envelope the crystal to cleanse the crystal’s energy (do this for about 30 seconds) Once cleansed, set an intention for your newly cleansed home, office or space. Each crystal as a different energy. Be sure to choose a crystal that will complement your intentions. See our Crystal Guide for more information. 

Here at Whyte Quartz, every crystal we bring in to our office space (as well as the office itself) is regularly smudged with Sage (and under super moons too) We put good vibes and intentions into everything we send out. We still always recommend you cleanse your crystals once you receive them.

This item is a great tool to use during your full and new moon ceremonies!! Especially during the next full moon happening on Halloween! On October 31st everyone will see the Blue Moon (blue-because it's the 2nd full moon in one month) which is rare, and only happens once every 18-19 years!

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