Get ready for a Covid-19 lockdown (in some parts of the country) Mother's Day celebration! Since I'm in California and in lockdown/stay at home until mid May and my mother is in Florida where orders are being lifted, but still not a great time to fly across the country to see each what do we do? We will have a virtual Mother's Day to celebrate and show our love! 

However you're able to celebrate your Mom, here are some great gift ideas for all mother's at ANY AGE. And I mean, any. These items have been at the TOP of Whyte Quartz best seller lists each week. Even great for grandma! Every woman, young and old, wants to look good! Give her some gorgeous tools she will love.


1. Crystal Facial Rollers. $35   
Made from natural crystals, these gorgeous tools will massage your face and neck while also: increasing oxygen, reduces fine lines, wrinkles and inflammation.



 2. Vibrating Rose Quartz Facial Rollers. $30

This massage tool is A_M_A_Z_I_N_G! Just turn it on and apply the rose quartz disc to your face and gently rub away puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles, promote circulation and oxygenation of your skin as it massages and relaxes tight facial muscles.



3. Gua Sha Tools $15Amethyst Gua Sha Tool

An ancient practice of “scraping” the skin in sweeping motions on the face, neck and body helps to relax and push out toxins from your skin as well as promotes lymphatic drainage. Great tool to use by itself or in conjunction with other at home beauty regimes. Available in: Amethyst, Rose Quartz & Rainbow Fluorite. $15


Therapeutic Heat Neck Wrap Amethyst Rocks Infrared healing pain soreness4. Therapeutic Amethyst filled Neck Wrap. $45

This amazing therapeutic healing neck wrap is made with Amethyst rocks inside! Just heat it up, place around neck/shoulders sit down and relax! Feel the BEAUTIFUL calming healing energy that will penetrate through your neck, head and body.


Crystal Infused Mists and sprays for face and body set intentions love money adundance peace 5. Crystal infused spray mists

Add some crystal energy to your mom’s day with light and airy face and body mists infused with crystals. Choose from several different styles such as Brilliant Morning Mist or Calming.


6. Crystal Infused Nail Polish $14   Crystal infused nail polishes are FABULOUS for every lady who wants to do their own mani/pedi! Great long-lasting polish that keeps your nails strong. Available in 27 colors and a clear top-coat too.




7. Handmade Crystal Soaps $8-$14     Absolutely gorgeous handmade soaps by a local LA maker! Each bar of soap has a crystal in-bedded inside! And they are vegan, cruelty free and smell AMAZING!




Shop NOW and take 20% off your purchase! Go to and buy them before they're gone! Need to know what type of stone that is? Check out our Crystal Guide that has over 100 different crystals and their metaphysical healing properties. Expedited shipping available. Questions? Contact us or call 323-544-5750.

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