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Crystals are a personal thing. If you believe they have energy, they should work for you. I have become a strong proponent for the healing power of crystals over the years, and have always had a strong connection with them. Some more than others. Amethyst is my main, go to power stone-I get all tingly when I see or am near an amethyst stone, particularly Amethyst cathedrals or Amethyst chunks with Druzy. They are so gorgeous, colorful and full of insight, intuition and guidance for me. Yours may be Clear/Crystal Quartz or Smokey Topaz, whatever stone it is, if you feel anything (physically, mentally, emotionally) you should surround yourself with that stone. It is what your body, mind and spirit needs.

The stones I either wear, carry around with me or have on my desk (sometimes I change them out) are Tiger's Eye for strength, will power and creativity, Rose Quartz to keep loving thoughts and bring additional love and support into my life, Pyrite for prosperity and money, Clear Quartz for clarity, success, Amethyst for insight and intuition, Citrine for prosperity and success, Rainbow Flourite for connecting to my higher powers and unlocking creativity and Selenite for its healing powers and absorbing negative energy around me.

Everyone is different and has different needs. We each have different things happening in our lives and would love that additional "divine guidance" to help us through it. Practice meditation daily with them and set your intentions to the universe. It’s amazing what can happen.

Below are some examples of stones to always have in your spiritual arsenal.

If you are going through a particularly hard time, I suggest carrying pocket stones of Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Angelite and Flourite. All of these stones have a very high vibrational energy that can be beneficial in opening up your third eye and heart chakras. Important in attaining clarity and understanding of difficult issues.

To find the love of your life, most people suggest using Rose Quartz, eponymous with finding, attracting and keeping love. But there is also Emerald (raw or polished), Red Jasper, Citrine and Carnelian that are beautiful stones to enhance your love vibration, heart and root chakras.

To invite more money or prosperity into your life, use Clear Quartz, Citrine and Pyrite. They are excellent conductors of money, wealth and abundance (this can be abundance in either the physical form of money or in spiritual form)
To protect yourself from negative energy (can be in the office, at home, wherever you go) try wearing Selenite, Black Tourmaline, Black Onyx and Smokey Topaz. These stones can either absorb or repel negative energy (from a person, a place or a spiritual entity) and protect you energetically from any psychic attacks that may happen.

To invite more creativity or unlocking your creative potential, I suggest using Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye, Flourite and/or Turquoise. These stones have a high potential for unlocking creative thoughts, memories and gives you insight. We all have had creative blocks, it’s our brains way of forcing you to think differently. Change in the world and in our lives is inevitable. Creativity is constantly changing the way you think and create. Use these stones in your meditation while inviting new creative thoughts to enter. Since using Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian and Flourite, my creative juices are flowing again after many years of being dormant.

Whether you want more love, money or protection, wear or carry your crystals with intention. Your crystals are a great addition to any meditation sessions to enhance their benefit or for daily use. But you have to believe my friends. You have to understand they are real, from the earth, and possess amazing results once you tune yourself to their abilities. For more information, visit our A to Z Crystal Guide for information about each crystal. 

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