Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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Valentine's Day💓 is almost here and everyone can use a little more love this year! Anyone can buy a box of candy and flowers, I guess that's pretty standard...if you like being standard. 🤔 If you need to step up your game and get something truly different this year, here's a list of the most unique gifts to give anyone on your list!


1. Pyrite Druzy HeartWhyte Quartz Pyrite Druzy Heart Handmade natural crystal stone gem metaphysical properites for love abundance business success

WOW, this piece is a stunner! 😍Hand made in Peru, this stunning druzy heart is carved from a giant chunk of natural Pyrite! With a gorgeous gold stone (also known as "Fool's Gold") it is said to bring prosperity and abundance, good luck and happiness in life, business and in love! One of a kind piece. Tip: Place pyrite on top of your business cards to invite abundance and growth. 



Whyte Quartz Extra Large Amethyst Druzy Heart with Angel Aura coating Unique gift love happy heart shape

2. Amethyst Angel Aura Druzy Heart

Gorgeous deep dark purple Amethyst druzy heart, hand cut and polished in Brazil makes such a beautiful, loving statement piece for anyone! Coated with angel aura for that extra sparkle, this piece exudes love from every nook and cranny and it's February's birthstone! Increases intuition, very spiritual stone that is my personal favorite. Tip: Place Amethyst near your bedside for better sleep. Each piece is unique, we have several different sizes in stock. 



Whyte Quartz Amethyst Druzy Rainbow Heart Shape Best Unique Gift


3. Amethyst Rainbow Druzy Heart.

These beauties are so much fun to look at! A natural piece of amethyst with really nice druzy is coated with a titanium spray to give it that extra special rainbow effect.🌈

Each piece is unique, we have several different sizes in stock. 




Whyte Quartz Rose Quartz Vibrating Facial Massager Beauty Self Care Lauryn Speights Instagram Influencer

4. Rose Quartz Vibrating Facial Massager. 

It's our best seller for a reason. EVERY girl needs one of these! Rose Quartz is the stone of love! So it's a perfect gift to give your love, friend, daughter or really anyone who wants to keep their skin looking good! 



Whyte Quartz Rose Quartz Double Stone Facial Roller Massager Beauty Self Care Valentine's Day Unique gifts


5. Copper & Crystal Double Stone Facial Roller. This beautiful tool delivers inner and outer beauty! Try the Rose Quartz or Lepidochrosite rollers to give as a gift for Valentine's day. Another unique gift that every one should own! Keeps skin looking young and youthful over long term use. 




Whyte Quartz Sage Bundle for Love and Friendship Unique Gift Valentine's Day Sage Palo Santo Crystal Bundle Cleanse Clear negative energy

6. Sage Bundle for Love + Friendship. Beautiful, lovingly hand tied white sage bundles with red rose petals! Each bundle includes a palo santo wood stick, a white sage wildcrafted and hand tied with red rose petals and a rose quartz crystal. Use it to invite love, friendship and help to improve all types of relationships. Rose Quartz is the stone of love.



Whyte Quartz Pink Tourmaline on metal base display piece great unique gift for Valentine's Day

7. Pink Tourmaline Display PieceA unique home decor accent piece for any living room, bedroom or office will show them you love them! Pink Tourmaline is a stone of universal love, joy and happiness. Excellent gift for someone who is or planning to become pregnant or just needs a little gift to say "I love you!" 



Whyte Quartz Pink Amethyst Display Piece on Metal Base Stand Loving Energy Unique Gift Idea Valentine's Day



8. Pink Amethyst Display The ultimate gift for the connoisseur of crystals, stones and gems, these beautiful pieces are handcrafted, cut, polished and mounted in Brazil. Pink Amethyst is a cross between Amethyst and Rose Quartz, giving it is pretty pink color. This rare stone will help you open to love and guidance from your soul, higher powers and angels. Several unique decor pieces available.



Whyte Quartz Rose Quartz Mini Angels spiritual gifts unique


9. Rose Quartz Cats, Dogs, and Angels. YES we have cat, dog and angel shape crystals too! Check out our selection here. 





Whyte Quartz Citrine Points Heart Shaped Candle Holder Votive tea light love unique gift valentine's day


10. Rose Quartz, Citrine, and Amethyst Candleholders. Everyone loves candle holders! We have a variety of crystal candleholders perfect for valentine's day gift giving! Rose Quartz points, Amethyst Druzy Rainbow Hearts, Citrine Points Hearts, Selenite hearts, we have a bunch of different styles at very affordable prices.


Happy Valentine's Day! Sending you love and light for 2021.



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