Keep Calm and Carry Your Crystals!

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The world is freaking out about the coronavirus, spinning the stock markets into a tailspin-dropping significantly over the past week (even with the gains today, we're down from the week before!) and you can't find any toilet paper, face masks or hand sanitizer at any store!! 😷 Whew, I'm stressed out just thinking about all of this! 😲It's a scary and unstable time right now, especially for people with health issues- like me. I have MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and with that I have to take medication that lowers my immune system's ability to fight infections. And starting this Thursday, I'm switching to a new, very powerful MS medication that will wipe out my B cells, meaning my immune system will be 'compromised' and that leaves me extremely vulnerable for respiratory illnesses....LIKE THE CORONA VIRUS! GULP! 😨

Don't worry, I'll be extra vigilant in keeping that bug away by washing my hands frequently, not touching my face 20 times a day (this is a hard one) keeping away from crowded areas and I'll be carrying my stress-busting arsenal of crystals around with me to help keep me calm and collected! 😎✨

What crystals am I carrying around? Here's a list of what's in my bag:

Amethyst to keep me calm and relaxed


Selenite brings me a peaceful zen vibe (and cleanses other stones too)

Black Tourmaline Rough Stone






Black Tourmaline to help keep me grounded and to absorb any negative thoughts/energies around me (also cleanses other stones)


Angelite Palm Stone

Angelite to keep me connected to my angels so I can call on them when I need them  


Rhodonite rough stone

Rhodonite to keep me balanced emotionally and physically


Lapis Lazuli Mini Angel Carving

Lapis Lazuli to keep my nervous system calm and brain focused

This is what I'm carrying around to reduce my stress levels, what crystals will help you? Need some ideas? Send me (Donna) an email at with your questions or send me a message on Facebook or Instagram @whytequartz.

Stay Calm and Healthy my friends! 🙏🧘‍♀️

Please read our disclaimer regarding crystals. No crystal will cure my MS, and no crystal will protect you from the corona virus! Please go to for up to date public health information.

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