7 Essential Items for Your Perfect Peaceful Work-from-Home Space

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Corona virus has completely reshaped the U.S. in just a few weeks. Right now, there are millions of people that have either been furloughed, laid off or are working from home. A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to all those people that can't work from home and are on the front line: health care, grocery store, post office, school operations, IT, sanitation workers, military, etc. These people are putting their lives at risk everyday for us, thank you! 

For those us that have jobs that allow us to work from home, I've compiled a list of 7 essentials to make your work space beautiful, peaceful and zen during this crazy, stressful time.

1. Designate your work space: Whether you are working in an extra room, your garage or your living room, try to make space for you to "go to work" everyday. It will help you get into a routine and keep some separation between home and work. Try not to go back to that place when you're done for the day (if you can) it helps to keep WORK separate from HOME LIFE. You're family, roommates or pets will appreciate it. 


2. Place real plants (not fake ones) near your workspace/laptop/home office or on your desk. The oxygen created by plants is amazing and will ensure your workspace is fresh and light. I love succulents and also fresh lavender, rosemary and sweet pea plants growing outside my office. I always have my windows/doors open to allow the fresh air and beautiful scent to circulate my office.  


3. Water Fall/Fountain: My husband Wesley is amazing and built me a beautiful rock waterfall in our backyard, which I hear trickling from my office-a converted detached garage-which is right next to the pool surrounded by my gorgeous lavender, rosemary, sweet pea, roses and lemon trees. I am constantly reminded that nothing exists without water, including our sanity! Hearing the constant flow of the water as it replenishes and cleanses as it moves through the rocks is very soothing. If you can't get a large waterfall/fountain installed in your home or yard, then buy a desk top one! They're affordable, easy to set up (just add water and plug in) and Voilà! Check out this awesome Buddha fountain.


4. Selenite: My home and my office space would not be as comforting and peaceful as they are without my giant slabs of selenite! I keep one in the living room at all times to purify the home, in my bedroom and my office. This stone is so important for those looking to make a zen space in your new home-work space. It absorbs and dispels negative energy. This is especially important during this time, if you do nothing else-GET SELENITE! Those video conferencing calls you're having every day is inviting the negative, stressful energy of other people and their homes into YOURS! Cleanse that negativity and stressful energy with selenite, please! This stone does not need to be cleansed or charged. You can charge other crystals you need to on your selenite slab

5. Amethyst: Amethyst is a must crystal for the home office to keep you calm and relaxed. Available in many different shades of purple and pink, find the one that calls to you. Pink Amethyst Slabs are perfect decor for your space to invite peaceful, loving energy into your home. Regular purple amethyst can also help you sleep, which many people are having a hard time with right now through this stressful time. Just place your amethyst under your bed or pillow. It's energy may help you relax.  

Intention Sprays6. Intention Sprays: Set an intention for yourself in your work space daily with an intention spray. Made with vibrations from crystals, essential oils and water, they will hydrate your skin and give your prayer a little extra. 


  7. Sage or Palo Santo Wood: Palo Santo, White Sage and Crystal Smudging Bundle featuring SeleniteBurning a sage bundle and/or palo santo wood to cleanse your space from negative energy is also an important tool for the newly work-at-home crowd. You want to have successful meetings, accurate work done while you're at home-well smudging your space may help. Allowing the smoke to fill all four corners of your room or area where you're working, while setting an intention for a smooth transition, is an important part of making your transition to home based work be successful.



What part of the home are you using for work? How does your space feel? Need help with finding the best crystals and items to make your work space amazing? Send us an email with your questions and comments to info@whytequartz.com

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