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Intuition and Chakras

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Build a Reliable System of Inner Wisdom Using Your Energy Body

This remarkable book makes it easy to receive intuitive guidance whenever you wish, be confident in your answers to life's big questions, and follow your inner wisdom to happiness and success. Lesley Phillips shows you how to develop your unique profile of psychic abilities through simple energetic techniques. By uniting your subtle body and intuition, you can heighten self-knowledge, reveal your inner truth, heal on multiple levels, and create your best reality.Intuition and Chakras gives you the foundation needed to safely and effectively develop both your chakras and your intuitive senses. Discover many inspiring stories from Lesley's work with clients. Explore each chakra and how intuitive information flows through it. Featuring accessible exercises and meditations, this book helps you overcome challenges, turn your intuition into a practical tool, and lead a purpose-filled life.

As an added bonus, you'll get an exclusive link to meditation videos directly related to the book's core topics!

Lesley Phillips, PhD has been teaching intuition development and meditation since 1996. She was ordained as a minister and spiritual counselor in 2003 and as a spirital teacher in 2005. Lesley hosts an award-winning radio show called Unlocking Your Truth. She has helped thousands through her readings, healings and psychic development courses at her School of Intuition. Visit her website

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