Amethyst Therapeutic Neck Wrap - WHYTE QUARTZ
Amethyst Therapeutic Neck Wrap - WHYTE QUARTZ

Amethyst Therapeutic Neck or Back Wraps

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This amazing therapeutic healing neck or back wrap is made with Amethyst rocks inside! Just heat it up (no more than 90 seconds) place around neck/shoulders or back (you may need a towel in between your skin and the neck wrap if too hot) sit down and relax! Feel the BEAUTIFUL calming healing energy that will penetrate through your neck, head and body. Amethyst is known for it's calming and peaceful energy...but heating up the amethyst AMPLIFIES its properties!! The wrap when heated produces far-infrared microns that penetrate below the surface of the skin to your sore muscles unlike a regular heated wrap. It also produces negative oxygen ions, weak electricity (through germanium and vanadium) mineral waves to help rejuvenate your sore points. Using the Amethyst neck wrap daily can help alleviate sore muscles, pain, aches and even headaches. This is MY personal favorite and use it every night before bedtime!  


Outer shell: 100% cotton

Inside: Amethyst

Made in China 


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